Series News The new Fox TV series, Bir Peri Masalı, might actually be more than just a TV show!

The new Fox TV series, Bir Peri Masalı, might actually be more than just a TV show!


Young people’s words of rebellion echo in Alina Boz’s new series, Bir Peri Masalı (A Fairy Tale)! When we look at the story and presentation style of the new series called Bir Peri Masalı, which will meet with the audience on Wednesday, September 30, it has great traces from today’s world. While many television series tell the lives of the rich on the screen, there are millions of low-income people at home who watch these series and experience emotional moments.

Unfortunately, the situation of encouraging the life of a very small part of Turkey continues to show itself on the screen with serials. One of these series will be Bir Peri Masalı, which will start on Wednesday. The new series, in which Alina Boz and Tarık Emir Tekin will take the lead roles, will also bring the rebellion of many young people to the screen.

There are so many people who want to live an easy life, dream of getting rich somehow, without any sense of responsibility in luxury, perhaps without doing any work. Some young people, on the other hand, cannot reach their dreams no matter how much education they turn to, no matter how hard they work and how much sacrifice they show.

Here’s Bir Peri Masalı series will reveal that it is more than a series by bringing the mood of a confused youth to the screen. Alina Boz, who plays the character named Zeynep, will also dream of millions of young people who want to somehow find money and live like the rich.

Of course, this is a fairy tale.

In the story of the series, when a bag full of money suddenly appears in front of Zeynep, she will recreate herself completely with the money she finds and join the society with her new personality. Of course, no fairy tale will be this smooth and Zeynep’s new life will bring many things to her.

The trailer of the drama includes the following statements: “Does it seem fair to you to struggle for a month with the money people spend on a lipstick? Even milk is a luxury for me. I have to take everything I buy by making calculations. Is it okay to look from side to side like a liver maker cat? I didn’t come to this life just to breathe. I also want to live properly.”

There are so many people who say the same words… Here is Bir Peri Masalı series, which is the dream of young people, and will bring the show of wealth to the audience on the screen.