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6 July 2022 20:05


The new series of Deniz Işın and Sarp Bozkurt is on Blu TV!

Turkey’s leading domestic online video platform, BluTV, takes up arms to make lonely hearts fall in love in 2022, and brings its new special production, “Bizden Olur Mu?” to the audience. In the series, which brings together the popular actors of the young generation Deniz Işın and Sarp Bozkurt, the duo refer to a relationship book and what happens. “Bizden Olur Mu?” is on BluTV with all its episodes from today…

BluTV’s new special production ‘Bizden Olur Mu?’ brings these two together, who have a common point of not being happy in their love life, and includes the audience on their journey towards the love of their lives, guided by the relationship book they come across.

The series, which has been broadcast on the platform as of today, brings together Deniz Işın and Sarp Bozkurt, two very popular actors of the young generation. The series, where the viewers will find a lot of themselves and have a lot of fun, will share a story that will leave your taste buds in about 15 minutes.

Directed by Emre Bahadır Çırakoğlu and produced by Huysuz Film, “Bizden Olur Mu?” meets the audience with all its episodes on BluTV to touch the wand of love to lonely hearts.

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