Series News The new Turkish series [Name Zehra] is surprisingly beautiful

The new Turkish series [Name Zehra] is surprisingly beautiful


[Fox TV] The screenings of the [Name Zehra] series, which will start on Saturday with the 1st episode, are revolving on a long screen … [Fox TV] ‘s new and ambitious series [Name Zehra] I am curious about it. The drama-filled story of a woman living on the line they play in [Zeynep Çamcı], [Alican Yücesoy] and [Hatice Aslan] will be discussed.

The story of [Name Zehra] line will wrap around the audience. Come closer to the story …

A young girl, just 23 years old, is a beautiful girl … She is trying to solve the secret of her past when her siblings dream of a beautiful home or a good career. Moreover, we do this by showing an example of a struggle between countries. Who is [Zehra]?

She was a girlfriend of an expatriate in Germany
[Zehra’s untold and unimaginable life story; He started in Berlin as a daughter of a conservative and poor family.

The car was abandoned to death by the family

The only person Zehra had in his life was his mother. Annesi saw [Zehra] as a part of it, but it was not possible to say the same thing to her father and her brother. The extreme skeptical father and brother left Zehra, who they thought could not protect his honor, to die without identification and vulnerability without thinking in the busiest traffic of the city.

For the first time it was an identity, but it was someone else’s identity

The game of fate for [Zehra] has just begun. In the story of a new life extending to Istanbul [Zehra]; has been replaced by a girl named [Hande] who has been missing for seven years. Interesting part of the job; [Hande] ‘s family came to Germany and identified [Zehra] as their daughter [Hande] in the Turkish Consulate.

Here is the directory part 1 introduction trailer:

In doubt and in a mysterious life, only one wish survived, but pain and sorrow did not leave him How could a mother never know her daughter? Did he really liken [Zehra] to his daughter or did he believe that it should be? What’s important to everything is what happened to the real [Hande] and where was it now? What did this family hide? [Zehra], a sufficiently complicated life, will now try to get used to his new identity in Istanbul by assuming the secrets of another.

It was her destiny that the unrelenting love over all of it!
On the one hand, his father and his elder brother who escaped from his brother, [Zehra], curious about his own mother; he would find himself investigating the secrets of his new family, which was included as [Hande]. The life of the young girl, who had to hold on to the power and protect her love, would become more and more dangerous and also become beautiful with love.

The mysterious story of a 23-year-old Turkish girl from Berlin to Istanbul [Name Zehra] starts on 24 February at [Fox TV]!

Here is the summary of chapter 1:

The Turkish girl [Zehra], who lives in the house of her family who has poor and strict rules in Germany, has no say in identity or life. His father and brother want to marry him with a man he does not want for money, and he is a young man named [Kadir] of Zehra. [Zehra], who can not stand when he comes on the wedding day and escapes to his liking, falls into the hands of his family as a result of this escape, and then leaves on a highway on the grounds that his family has defiled his honor! However, the surprises that life has prepared for her have not yet come to an end. Unexpected events end [Zehra] ‘s way crosses with past secrets and a family of Istanbul with a terrible crime …