Series News The moment Filiz is shocked in Our Story!

The moment Filiz is shocked in Our Story!


In chapter 23 of our Our Story, Fick’s father, Fikri, won the war of death.

In the last part of Our Story, Filiz was shocked when he saw the ways of talking to Peace, who still pretended to be gone.

Filiz, who had returned to the doctor’s office and began to work in the hospital, saw that the old lover, Barış, was full with another woman, and had a great disappointment.

In the last episode of Our Story, Elibol’s family organ transplant and father Fikri’s death and death battle was hit by Fox TV’s Thursday evening mark. Yeliz, who was in charge of this situation, was subjected to Filiz’s anger while the situation of the stolen kidney stolen deteriorated. In the last episode where the idea came to death due to hepatic insufficiency, Peace returned to the doctor. Yeliz said he would help Cemil on Filiz if he freed himself about organ mafia.

Even if Yeliz tries to look like he is not aware of the situation, Filiz is determined to take him out of his life.
Yeliz, who is infected with the organ mafia, is faced with the danger of going to jail for the crime he committed. Losing the trust of Elibollar, Yeliz finds a deal with Çareyi Cemil. Will Yeliz be able to get out of this business?

Peace, determined to remove Filiz from his life, not only in Filiz, but also in the rest of the family. But the deterioration of the situation of Fikri prevents Peace from breaking down from the family. Cemil, who realizes that Filiz’s mind is still in peace, acknowledges Yeliz’s offer and once again threatens his profession. Cemil, who takes great risks to get Filiz, will finally find his love?

Hikmet, who makes plans to escape with Esra, will not give up the idea. Hikmet takes the family in a difficult situation. Esra is in complex feelings. Will the Wisdom give up this impossible love? Tülay, who has to look at Ferda, tries to support Filiz on the other hand. Ferda is pushing the nerves of Tülay and Tufan even more. The flood between the two women is getting harder.

Filiz is afraid of losing his father and on the other hand, he is struggling with the problems of his family. Peace, which gets used to the new life, begins to believe that Filiz and Cemil are really close to each other.