The North Star shook social media with the married and happy hashtag!
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2 December 2022 04:53


The North Star shook social media with the married and happy hashtag!

The romantic and funny moments that came to the screen in the episode of the North Star, which was watched fondly on Show TV by Süreç Film, made a pleasant evening for the audience. In the episode where the newly married couple Yıldız and Kuzey exploded with happiness, what happened as a result of the new adventure of Sefer and Ruhi was the scene of laughter.

The North Star fell behind the Gönül Dağı and finished the day in second place last night. The ratings of the series in AB and ABC1 groups are as low as in the past weeks. #evlivemutlu start with the eagerly awaited new episode of Twitter in Turkey, it stayed in the TT tag list for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Thousands of messages about the series were shared on social media.

Although Yıldız and Kuzey had difficulty believing in their happiness because they were afraid that everything was a dream, they said hello to a married and happy life. After the great reunion, Kadıoğlu and Mollaoğlu families were also happy to be officially born. When another person who dreamed of marriage was Cevher, Nahide rolled up her sleeves to find an auspicious fortune for her.


A news in Ordu caused the Sefer to embark on a new adventure. Sefer, who heard that the person who solved the mysterious fires in a house would be given a great reward of 500 thousand liras, took action to solve this problem. In this dangerous mission, the Sefer wanted Kuzey to be with him, but the new groom started the operation with Ruhi and Poyraz, since the eyes of the Kuzey did not see anyone but Yıldız. Hoping to easily solve the cause of the fires and get the reward, the two were surprised at what they had been through with the mysterious and terrible things they encountered. Finally, when the girl who came across them told them to leave the house and followed them, they ran away. With the expedition, Ruhi’s operation in the cursed house witnessed moments full of laughter.


The 43rd episode of Show TV’s popular series North Star has been released. In the promotion, where Kuzey cleans the restaurant for Yıldız, their romantic mood makes faces smile. As the expedition returns to the house where they live with great fear, this time with Cevher, what will happen to them is eagerly awaited.

While Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci shared the leading roles of Kuzey Yildizi-İlk Aşk, which was produced by Sürç Film and directed by Ersoy Güler, many successful names such as Toygan Avanoğlu, Cezmi Baskın, Cengiz Bozkurt, Hüseyin Soysalan, Uğur Demirpehlivan also starred in the series. taking.

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