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21 May 2022 19:01


The partnership of Berker Güven and Özgü Kaya can be the new savior of Kanal D!

The TV series Üç Kız Kardeş (Three Sisters) is starting to take place in the Tuesday competition on Kanal D… The partnership of Berker Güven and Özgü Kaya will attract attention in the series adapted from İclal Aydın’s best-selling novel of the same name…

It may not happen immediately that these two, who will appear with the characters of Türkan and Somer, become a new TV series couple… Because it is a sad story and a situation where the man ignores the woman will be very frustrating in the first episodes.

The character of Türkan, played by Özgü Kaya in the TV series Üç Kız Kardeş, will always appear as a woman in need of protection. There are many similar women in the society, and these viewers will find many pieces of themselves in the character of Türkan, played by Özgü Kaya… Drama performance of the famous actor in this character, which has a lot of emotional transitions, is one of the roles that will determine the fate of the series.

In the character of Somer, however, Berker Güven is coming up with a character who experiences different emotions and that the audience will first get angry and then love, just like in the TV series Alev Alev. Somer’s attitudes towards Türkan may disturb you very much in the first episodes of the series.

It seems like a well thought-out decision for the two young actors to meet in the lead roles. Özgü Kaya will reveal the truth of Türkan’s tears behind closed doors, even though her life may seem like a fairy tale from the outside. The project, which will have plenty of drama scenes, means a big test for the young actress.

Türkan, the first tear in the family, was always her mother’s beautiful, delicate, fragile daughter, she always thought that she needed protection, she raised her that way. That’s why Türkan didn’t have the right to choose anything in her life. She did not choose her husband and the hellish life she lived after her marriage. No one knows how much longer Türkan will be content with her fate as Rapunzel, who is locked in a tower without stairs.

The character of Somer will appear in the series with different faces, such as the character of Alexander in Berker Güven’s Alev Alev series. This character, who will not be loved at first, may later gain the appreciation of the fans of the series.

Somer, who left his lover because of his family, turned a blind eye to marrying Türkan due to financial fears, but promised Türkan that he would not become a wife. Mine is the only owner of his heart. But Somer will not be indifferent to Türkan’s goodness day by day, and will see in him the understanding and kindness that he has not seen from his mother and lover.

Somer will notice Türkan very young in the story. It also makes sense that Berker Güven was chosen for this character whose emotional transitions will be very intense. The actress portrays such roles very well.

The partnership of two young actors in Kanal D’s new series Üç Kız Kardeş will greatly affect the fate of the series.

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