Series News The ‘patience’ reaction to the scriptwriter of the Unfaithfu!

The ‘patience’ reaction to the scriptwriter of the Unfaithfu!

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13 episodes of Unfaithful TV series, which meet with the audience on Wednesday evenings on Kanal D screen, have been left behind and the audience has shown great interest in the production so far. Starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen, the 13th new episode of the production will be on Kanal D screen on Wednesday, January 20 at 20:00. So what awaits the audience in the new episode?

There are signs that Derin will begin to stand out in taking revenge on Asya and that she will be pressured by her son Ali. What is said about Ali will confuse Asya. Asya will be shocked and will not know what to do. Asya and Derin are faced with an astonishing truth about Ali. Derin focuses her attention on Ali as her lost wristband is on Asya’s arm.

Meanwhile, Asya faces facts about Ali about the theft at school. Is Ali really stealing? What will Asya and Derin do in the face of this situation? Ali character is one of the most discussed names by the fans of the series on social media.

The 'patience' reaction to the scriptwriter of the Unfaithfu! 7

Issues such as the successful performance of Alp Akar and the fact that the character of Ali is not liked by the audience, comes to the fore. Viewers write very negative comments about this character on social media.

The audience said, “The scriptwriter make this Ali smart as soon as possible, my patience will not take it away. Ali leaves a comment saying that you are just your father’s son, and every person will never be attracted to his mother. Unfaithful new episode will be broadcast on Channel D on Wednesday, January 20 at 20:00. Here is the 13th episode trailer: