The Pit series broke a new record!
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1 December 2022 13:22


The Pit series broke a new record!

The Pit series, which came to the screens on Show TV, added a new one to its successes. The series, which marked both the ratings and the social media on Monday evenings, broke a record with the number of subscribers on the YouTube channel. In between arrays that access the YouTube channel was the first series of 5 million subscribers in Turkey.

Throughout three seasons, The Pit has gained a large audience with its story and the social responsibility projects it has signed, while making its mark in ratings and social media. The series, which made an ambitious entry with its new season, continues its success with its channel on YouTube.

The YouTube channel of the series, where social media promotions and character videos broke records with a large fan base, has already reached 5 million subscribers at the beginning of the new season.

The Pit, which continues to be talked about in the 4th season with the participation of surprise characters, continues to be at the top of the TT lists on social media on the broadcast day.

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