The pose of the scheming siblings Ender and Caner on the set of the Yasak Elma series made the fans happy
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5 February 2023 05:11


The pose of the scheming siblings Ender and Caner on the set of the Yasak Elma series made the fans happy

For those who watch the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series, the scenes of the Ender and Caner duo give a different pleasure. Ender, played by Şevval Sam, and Caner, played by Barış Aytaç, as the Kaya siblings, are the duo that the audience loves in every scene as the most scheming and most hilarious duo in the series.

Şevval Sam and Barış Aytaç are also admired for their successful acting in the scenes where Ender and Caner are together. It is evident in every scene that the screenwriter is especially attentive to the plays that these two characters set up together! In scenes with lots of laughter, Caner’s understanding of his sister’s intrigues and his comments on his turn into lines that make the audience laugh.

Ender, who does not think of anyone but herself under all circumstances and conditions, increases the number of intrigues in the series with the games she set up with her brother. Caner’s times when he gives up in the face of his sister’s cunning and his expressions while trying to understand the details of the play make the audience laugh.

The fact that Caner is more sociable and more sensitive than Ender, that he is often astonished by what his sister does, or his tactics of stripping himself by seeing the outcome of events, are entertaining scenes that the audience enjoys watching.

Caner and Ender scenes will make the audience laugh and draw attention with surprising intrigues in the new season as well. These two heroes of the series are ready on the set! Şevval Sam and Barış Aytaç have already posed for Caner and Ender for the first time of the season!

While Şevval Sam shared the photo of the duo Caner and Ender with their evil plans, she did not neglect to add vengeful and scheming emojis!

Right after this pose, the two actors shared another pose where they got out of their roles and laughed.

Şevval Sam, with Barış Aytaç, who plays her brother Caner in the series, with whom she enjoys playing with each other, added the note “Honey, brother” to this pose… Thus, the first poses of the two actors of the season came from the set…

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