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19 May 2022 20:09


The psychopath character of Erkan Meriç in the TV series Gülümse Kaderine became the agenda on Twitter!

Erkan Meriç became famous with the daily serial titled Adını Sen Koy. In fact, he played a role in the TV series Acayip Hikayeler (Strange Stories) in 2012 and Beyaz Karanfil (White Carnation) in 2014. Afterwards, he also took part in the films called İkimize Bir Dünya and Hayat Çizgisi Suriye. But he made his real debut with the character of Ömer in the TV series Adını Sen Koy.

He was so loved by the daily series viewers in the series he played with Hazal Subaşı that he was eagerly awaited for a role in a prime time series. Having been in love with Subaşı for a while and preparing for marriage, the actress gave herself to her job after the sudden separation. He started to appear on the screen as Bektaş Subaşı in the Savaşçı (Warrior) series.

With the discontinuation of the Savaşçı, the actor has not been on the screen for a while. However, she returned to the screens with Fox TV’s new series, Gülümse Kaderine.

The first episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Wednesday evenings, started to appear on the screen this week. The fans of Erkan Meriç, who watched the series, were in shock. This time, the actress, who surprised the audience with a completely different character, sat on the agenda of social media with the series with a striking story!

The actor, who was on the agenda with his name on Twitter, also managed to become the most talked about name of the series with the first episode. He became the most striking character of the series starring Bahar Şahin and Sude Zülal Güler.

Switching from modeling to acting, Erkan Meriç started to appear on the screen with a role that would take his career one step higher. This series has a completely different meaning for Meriç. Because he gives life to a character named Fırat, which the audience will not like at all.

Erkan Meriç, who surprised the audience with this series, received great praise for his performance, while at the same time he will be talked about more with his gripping story as the ‘bad character’ of the series!

In the comments made on Twitter, “Fırat is a character who will do anything until he gets what he wants. I’m curious about the other details of his story. It is quite enjoyable to watch Erkan Meriç in a character that is the exact opposite of the characters he has played so far.”

In the comments made, there were many comments that drew attention to the situation of the psychopathic character in the Gülümse Kaderine series and words of praise to the actor. The character almost went ahead of the series, leaving everyone in awe.

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