Rating shock for Erkan Meriç, Yazgı series did not get the expected attention!
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29 March 2023 17:11


Rating shock for Erkan Meriç, Yazgı series did not get the expected attention!

Erkan Meriç fans do not show interest in the new series Yazgı (Fate) as much as expected. Yazgı, which started on the tv8 screen on Monday and aired as a daily series at 13.30 on weekdays, has an impressive story.

When we look at the ratings of the first four episodes of the series, Yazgı, in which Erkan Meriç and Yağmur Öztürk take the leading roles, it is not a pleasant picture. could not enter. In the third and fourth episodes, Fate was not among the top 100 programs in the category of all people.

Viewers think that the broadcast time of the series should be moved further. There is a concern that things could get worse if the time is not changed for Yazgı, which the actors and the whole series crew have suffered with great sacrifices.

Erkan Meriç fans never expected such a result. In the support posts on social media, it is written that the story of the series is very beautiful and that Yağmur Öztürk and Erkan Meriç fit in very well.

There are many fans who state that the story of the series is good, but the ratings show that there is not much interest. It should not be surprising if Yazgı, which attracts the attention of TV series fans abroad, is sold to different countries in the coming months.

Daily serials have the potential to influence a large audience, especially in Latin American countries. TV8’s plan to broadcast 3 different daily series, Canım Annem, Yazgı (Fate), and finally Kadere Karşı (Against Destiny), can actually be explained by its foreign interest.

Specifying that they liked Yağmur Öztürk’s acting, the audience shared comments stating that they drew a very good couple on the screen with Erkan Meriç.

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