Series News The rating anxiety about Kardeşlerim series disappears!

The rating anxiety about Kardeşlerim series disappears!


The audience, who eagerly awaited the return of Kardeşlerim (My Brothers and Sisters) TV series in the third season, was very surprised by the low ratings. It was a little annoying that the show only achieved average ratings in the all-person category, while below-average ratings in AB and ABC1. On Saturday, the series closed the day for all people second after Gönül Dağı.

The 59th episode of Kardeşlerim series was broadcast on Saturday evening, and the better results in the category of all people compared to previous weeks relieved many viewers. Because underperforming in the new season, there is a great risk for all series. ATV had very high expectations from my brothers, but the beginning of the third season was not so good.

Although the rates still below the average in the AB and ABC1 categories, a good rise in the all-person category motivated the entire series team. In the story of Kardeşlerim, a new era began with the sudden enrichment of the Eren family. But, of course, not if they don’t get into trouble.

With the characters Aziye and Doruk meeting with the audience again, we observe that the interest in these two has increased again on social media. In addition to this love that carries the series “Kardeşlerim”, the audience also wants the other couples in the story to be handled more strongly in the script. There are also posts in this direction on social media.

When we look at the tremendous success achieved in the first two seasons of the series, we can say that the third season looks back on the old days. The ratings have decreased by almost half, and we can say that this brings to mind the possibility of a further rise in the coming weeks.