The ratings of the Nehir tv series dropped, the situation is critical!
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26 November 2022 17:59


The ratings of the Nehir tv series dropped, the situation is critical!

Nehir, which is a joint project of Medyapım and 9 Production companies, had a very good breakthrough when it was released in March with its first two episodes. Viewers loved the show and kept waiting during the pandemic break.

However, as of September, it was seen that Nehir’s return to the screen after 5 months was not as expected. With their ratings, the 3rd and 4th episodes are ringing the alarm bells… How patience will a channel like Fox TV, which expects high ratings from each production, will show the Nehir series that has received low ratings?

The answer to this question will give a clue about the continuation of the project. The 5th new episode of the Nehir series will air on Tuesday, September 15th. The trailer was shared from the new episode. Ratings make you think broke.

The series, which brings Biran Damla Yılmaz, Burak Yörük and Feyyaz Duman together in the lead roles, is the series version of the 1977 movie called Nehir. The movie starring Türkan Şoray and Tarık Akan was a hit. However, the problems in the storytelling of the series were reflected negatively in the rating.

The story of the series does not flow .. A low energy and soulless narrative style is preferred. At the point of sensuality, it is looking for the Nehir movie too much… Facing its rivals, the series has little chance and time is running out.

Fox TV is a channel with new series on hand and expecting high performance every day. It will not show patience for the Nehir series for too long …

The fact that a series with a very solid foundation has reached this point once again reveals how important storytelling is.

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