The start date of Elçin Sangu's new series has been announced
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1 December 2022 06:27


The start date of Elçin Sangu’s new series has been announced

A brand new frame was shared from Star TV’s highly anticipated series “Good Day, Bad Day”, which was produced by O3 Media and starring Elçin Sangu, Ozan Dolunay and Yasemin Allen. The complicated love story of the duo, who posed together for the lenses for “Good Day, Bad Day”, in which Elçin Sangu returned to the screen with the character Leyla and Ozan Dolunay’s Sarp character, is eagerly awaited.

When Leyla, a Black Sea girl, is abandoned at the wedding table by the man she loves, she makes a good career by entering the wedding organization company as if she pulls the nail and nails. Leyla, who lives with her family, is a beautiful, straightforward, strong and successful woman who does not like to show people her wounds.

Sarp, a smart, handsome and successful businessman, is the prince who dreams of every young girl. But the best way to describe it is to divide your life into two. Before Leyla, After Leyla  Why he left the wedding table is still a big secret to anyone.

Sarp, who closed that part of his life, opened a brand new page for himself in London. When he decides to sit at the wedding table for the second time, his path crosses with his ex-fiancee Leyla in an unexpected way.

This coincidence, which is a quirk of fate, disrupts both Leyla’s and Sarp’s lives in such a way that nothing will ever be the same for both. “Good Day, Bad Day” Loved names are at Star on Saturday, September 12, with their funny story.

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