Kisses and touches of love in the TV series Mr.Wrong!
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26 November 2022 15:03


Kisses and touches of love in the TV series Mr.Wrong!

The beloved Fox TV series Mr. Wrong has aired 10 episodes so far. Since the first day, the fans of the series have given all kinds of support on social media. Fans were relieved a little by the improvement of the ratings of Mr. Wrong. The winter season is starting and there are effective productions on Friday evenings. Mr.Wrong can stand out among these dramas, thanks to its loyal viewers.

On Friday, September 11th, the 11th new episode of Mr. Wrong will air. The romantic moments created by the desire of Özgür and Ezgi characters to explore each other closely will delight the audience.

The second trailer of the 11th episode of Mr. Wrong has been released. Ezgi is very pleased with Özgür’s arms and state. Viewers will love these romantic moments of the two lovers too.

Ezgi discovers that Özgür is so romantic. In the new episode, kisses almost fly in the air .. Özgür celebrates his victory. With the successful performance of Özge Gürel and Can Yaman, the new episode of Mr. Wrong will also attract a lot of attention.

Here is the second trailer from Episode 11 of the Mr. Wrong TV series:

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