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12 August 2022 20:09


The reason for Halit Özgür Sarı’s departure from the TV series Kardeşlerim has been understood!

Kardeşlerim, the popular TV series of ATV screens, is coming to the screen with its second season this year. The drama-laden series on Saturday evenings makes the channel smile in the ratings. The series, which took the first place in Total last week, sometimes occupied the first place, but the series has a bone audience.

In the first season, the audience followed the story in tears and with great excitement. The drama-laden lives of 4 siblings who lost their families managed to attract the audience to the screen every week.

However, there were decreases in the ratings of the series in the new season. This was a case of new episodes not delivering what was expected. The audience was not satisfied with the fact that the TV series Kardeşlerim gradually turned into a youth series week by week.

There were many comments on the subject on social media. When it was seen that the series started to lose viewers, there was an unexpected development that made us think that a tactical calculation was made!

The lives of the brothers Ömer, Asiye, Emel and Kadir, who had a great struggle for life in the slum after losing their parents one after another, were settled in time and the subject of the series began to be filled with love stories between the young people.

This situation did not satisfy the audience and caused criticism as well. Just when these criticisms of the audience about the series were intensified and the ratings were lowered, a big reverse was experienced with the death of the character of Kadir in the TV series Kardeşlerim!

Now the series has shifted to another axis that the audience will follow in tears! Even though the departure of Halit Özgür Sarı, who is a very popular character and playing him, is sad, such a drama story was reintroduced to the series, and the audience, who went or might go with a smart tactic, was suddenly pulled back to the center!

This tactic of the screenwriters must have worked, as with the sudden separation of Kadir and his girlfriend Melisa (Damlasu İkizoğlu) in the series, Kardeşlerim series has returned to its old line! This time, we will watch how Emel, Ömer and Asiye, who lost a sibling after their parents, will hold on to life without an older brother to watch over and protect them…

Let’s see how far this tactic will take the series. We will see together whether Kardeşlerim series will maintain its success until the end of the season without sacrificing other characters…

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