The reasons behind the disappointment of the Kara Tahta series!
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30 March 2023 05:39


The reasons behind the disappointment of the Kara Tahta series!

The Blackboard (Kara Tahta) series, the first episode of which was broadcast on the TRT1 screen on Wednesday evening, unfortunately did not meet the expectations.

First of all, the series, which could not offer a fluent story, tired the audience as it tried to put everything in front of the audience in a single episode… Those who watched the trailers were sure about how good a story it was. However, those who watched the episode immediately changed their minds. In addition to the slow tempo, the dullness of the character of Irmak played by Miray Daner was also remarkable.

The viewers, who were disturbed by the abstention of the character of Irmak, immediately felt the lack of excitement in the story. Although the expectation was very high, the viewers who commented on the social media after the first episode objected, saying, “My expectations were very high, but it is one of the classic series we know,” and that the likes of it were broadcasted a lot before.

In terms of realism, the series also had problems. What the character played by Furkan Andıç did in the first episode was far from believable for the audience.

The lack of the element of curiosity also reveals a big problem for the upcoming episodes. A number of fans left comments saying, “There’s nothing left to worry about.”

The audience, who also thought that there was a lack of creativity in the script, also put forward the idea that a very successful cast was wasted with a weak story that had many examples before…

There were also those who liked the Kara Tahta series, but more criticism was reflected on social media.

Now everyone’s eyes are on the second episode, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, April 6th. There are expectations that the story will move a little more and more curiosity will emerge. It is obvious that the slow pace of the series should be accelerated somehow.

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