Two TV series that brought Cansu Dere to the fore worldwide made a lot of noise!
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1 April 2023 06:43


Two TV series that brought Cansu Dere to the fore worldwide made a lot of noise!

When the series “Anne” (Mother) was broadcast, it had a huge impact on everyone and brought them to tears. The best-selling adaptation of the series, which is actually a Japanese series and has been adapted by many countries to date, was made by the Turks. Cansu Dere plays the lead role in the Anne series. The actress, who gave a very successful performance, then made a lot of noise with her success in the TV series “Sadakatsiz” (Unfaithful).

Cansu Dere, who is known in many countries of the world in Anne, has once again attracted attention with the popularity of the TV series Sadakatsiz in many countries for the last two seasons. The series, which was broadcast in Spain, was highly appreciated and the actor won the ‘individual achievement’ award.

Cansu Dere was also deemed worthy of an award in Latin America for her TV series Sadakatsiz. In addition to Sadakatsiz, we should remember the success of the series Anne.

Milliyet newspaper writer Sina Koloğlu shared important information about the series Anne in his social media account. “We have the best-selling Mother in the world,” Koloğlu said.

Sina Koloğlu shared on his social media account that the title of the most exported series from Asia to the world is in the hands of the series Anne.

The Mother series is originally a Japanese production. It was later adapted in South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Thailand, China, Indonesia and France, respectively. The latest Spanish version of the Mother series has recently started filming. However, according to Sina Koloğlu, among all these versions, it was the best-selling Turks in the world.

Sina Koloğlu wrote in his post: “I asked Fatih Aksoy, the head of the company that made the adaptation in Turkey. ‘Ours is the only version widely sold in the world. The Spanish version was taken after the interest of our version in Spain. We only have 90 minutes and 35 episodes. “Other countries shot 10 episodes,” he said.

Vahide Perçin, Cansu Dere and Beren Gökyıldız took the lead roles in the TV series Anne, which was adapted from the Japanese TV series Mother by MedYapım and MF Yapım and was watched with admiration in Turkey. The series Anne, which started on October 25, 2016, made a final with its 33rd episode on June 20, 2017.

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