Series News The return of Behzat Ç with the same cast made Twitter stand up!

The return of Behzat Ç with the same cast made Twitter stand up!


One of the unforgettable productions of the Turkish TV series world, Behzat Ç The leading actor Erdal Beşikçioğlu gave the good news of the return of the series, which the audience admired with its extraordinary story and characters. This news has officially lifted Twitter.

Behzat Ç, which was adapted from the novel of the author Emrah Serbes’s “Her Temas İz Bırakır”, first appeared on Star TV in 2010 and continued for three years. Later, the series was filmed for BluTV in 2019. The characters of the series, which brought names such as Fatih Artman, İnanç Konukçu and Berkan Şal to great fame, won the love of everyone.

Despite all these years, Behzat Ç is still not forgotten. The audience was waiting with great hope for the day when the series would be screened again. And those hopes finally came true. Erdal Beşikçioğlu, the leading actor of the series, said that Behzat Ç will be shot again for BluTV very soon, and that the same cast will take place. Beşikçioğlu said in a statement to journalists: “We will also have a small new staff. It’s not hard to convince us. When you see the story in a written text, if it affects you, it is enough for all artists.”

The return of Behzat Ç with the same cast made Twitter stand up! 7

The news that Behzat Ç will be shot again was greeted with great happiness by his fans. The fans of the series placed the hashtag Behzat Ç at the top of the agenda on Twitter with the messages they shared. In the comments they made, the viewers stated that Behzat Ç’s place has always been special and wrote that they needed to watch new episodes.

The series, which started on September 19, 2010 and lasted 96 episodes in 3 seasons, was canceled, according to the belief of many viewers, considering the political situation of that period. However, the great interest in the Behzat Ç series continued when Blu TV convinced the team to shoot the fourth season.

With the 4th season aired in the fall of 2019, the series was shot in 106 episodes in total. Although plans were made for the fifth season, the project had to be finished because of problems.

Erdal Beşikçioğlu played a role in the last TV series “Hakim” (Judge), which was broadcast on ATV. However, when the series could not make the desired output in the ratings, it said goodbye to the screen with its last episode published this week. Erdal Beşikçioğlu will be on the set of Behzat Ç after the end of the Hakim series.