The role in Show TV's Üç Kuruş series was very good for Aslıhan Malbora
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1 February 2023 22:33


The role in Show TV’s Üç Kuruş series was very good for Aslıhan Malbora

The action series Üç Kuruş, signed by Ay Yapım, is broadcast on Show TV. Aslıhan Malbora is one of the female leads of the series, which appeals to a large fan base on Monday evenings.

The actress, whom we have watched in TV series such as Her Yerde Sen, Ağlama Anne and Seven Ne Yapmaz, also gave effective performances in various movies. Aslıhan Malbora plays the character of Leyla in Üç Kuruş and she loved this role very much.

Aslıhan Malbora, who finds Leyla a bit aggressive and impatient, states that she should be calmer. Explaining that there is a similarity between Leyla’s character and herself, the actress said, “Leyla’s energy is very high. I think I have high energy too. Our life energy is high in both of us, we love this life,” she said.

Acknowledging that she was tense on the day of shooting the scenes she thought would be difficult, the actress explained that as she gained experience, her anxiety decreased and she was able to manage it.

The actress, who loves her role in the series, said, “I loved Leyla when I read it. When you read a job, your heart breaks for someone. So did Leyla. I said, “This should be me,” he said.

Explaining that the name Leyla brought her luck, Aslıhan Malbora also took part in the character of Leyla in the TV series Etkileyici.

The actress said, “I became two completely different Leylas. Etkileyici and at Üç Kuruş. Both brought me luck,”.

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