The scene that will not be erased from memory in the 106th episode of The Pit
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27 November 2022 15:45


The scene that will not be erased from memory in the 106th episode of The Pit

Selim’s death in the episode of The Pit, the phenomenon series signed by Ay Yapım, which was screened on Show TV, deeply affected all The Pit viewers. In the episode full of emotional moments, Selim’s farewell scene, in which Yamaç put his last breath in his arms, made a tremendous impact on social media. Öner Erkan, who gave life to Selim Koçovalı with an episode that will not be forgotten for a long time, said goodbye to the series. After the scene that drowned everyone to tears, the impressive acting of Aras Bulut Iynemli, Öner Erkan, Necip Memilli and Burak Dakak were also discussed on social media for a long time.

Çağatay, who wanted to take revenge on the Koçovalı family, stabbed Selim in the episode of The Pit, which left its mark on Monday nights. Selim, who returned to the neighborhood in blood with the deeds seized by Çağatay, gave his last breath in Çukur. In his last moments, Selim, who said the words “You come out of the Çukur, but the Çukur does not come out of you …” on the arms of Yamaç, saw İdris before he died, which was the scene of heart-touching moments.

After Çağatay Erdenet killed Selim, Yamaç started the vengeance war against the Erdenets. The biggest blow to Cengiz, who was relieved when Ogeday found the gold, which was the trump card of Yamaç, came from Yamaç again. Yamaç, which blew up all the factories belonging to Erdenets, once again showed its strength in the final.

Selimeveda tag in Twitter Turkey in 17 hours 35 minutes and 4 hours in the world remain TT list for 50 minutes. Great sound brings part with #ThePit tags well over 4 hours and 30 minutes while in the agenda of Turkey, Selim Koçovalı character to settled TT list for 7 hours 35 minutes Öner Erkan giving life and talked for a long time in the world.


The news of Selim’s death almost dropped a fire in Koçovalı house. Akın, devastated by the death of his father, took action to attack the Erdenets in a dazed fashion. Reaching the house of Erdenets by sea, Akın carried out the attack with the weapon he brought with him, while Cengiz Erdenet, the target of the bullets, was injured.


Yamaç declared war against the Erdenets. Efsun, who came to warn Yamaç against Cengiz, learned that Selim was dead. Yamaç told Efsun, “Yamaç Koçovalı is coming, let them hide!” and clearly told him to convey his message to Cengiz and Çağatay. In the episode where the old Yamaç Koçovalı officially returned, Yamaç, who had his eyes for revenge, gathered Çukur together. At these moments, a new song made for The Pit series for the first time met with the audience. “Fuat feat. The track titled Toygar Işıklı-Çukur’dan Escape No ”was appreciated in a short time.

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