The scriptwriter change worked in Ada Masalı!
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8 February 2023 20:12


The scriptwriter change worked in Ada Masalı!

Ada Masalı is undoubtedly one of the most colorful and enjoyable summer series. With the wonderful harmony of Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz, the lead actors of the TV series broadcast on Star TV, and the heart-warming views of Seferihisar, where the shooting took place, it managed to become one of the best series of the summer.

Ada Masalı began to meet with the audience at the beginning of summer on the same day as the Kanal D series Baht Oyun. This made the two series fierce rivals. In the first week or two of its publication, Ada Masalı made a big difference to Baht Oyun in both ratings and social media.

However, the Baht Game, starring Cemre Baysel and Aytaç Şaşmaz, continued its struggle with determined steps. He also achieved the success he aimed for. A few episodes later, Baht Game succeeded in surpassing Ada Masalı in the ratings.

This situation caused some trepidation in the Ada Masalı team. The production company of the series, which took action to leave its rival behind again, decided to change the screenwriter. And he implemented this decision immediately.

The story of Ada Masalı has recently started to be written by Aksel Bonfil, who is also an actress. The script team of the Ada Masalı series previously consisted of Yelda Eroğlu, Yeşim Çıtak, Emine Yıldırım and Dilek İyigün.

This week’s ratings revealed that the scenario change worked for the Ada Masalı series. Although the series, which is third in ABC 1 and fourth in Total, has not yet passed Baht Game, it has come very close to its rival. The Baht Game team, which had a slight decrease in the ratings this week, now feels the breath of Ada Masalı on their neck.

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