Series News The scriptwriter of Kardeşlerim series has achieved a big event with a small move!

The scriptwriter of Kardeşlerim series has achieved a big event with a small move!


Kardeşlerim (My Brothers and Sisters) TV series is a youth project and the scenes in which young actors stand out also attract a lot of attention. The most striking among these young names were Onur Seyit Yaran and Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun, who played the characters Doruk and Asiye. Both actors are the most popular young names on social media.

The positive comments from the social media for the scenes written by the screenwriter of the series Kardeşlerim about these two characters also increase the interest in the series and connect the audience to the story even more. Doruk and Asiye messages of the screenwriter, which will be called small, leave a great impression on the fans of the series Kardeşlerim.

Doruk and Asiye, who came to the fore with their love, experienced many events, but the audience saw that they somehow managed to get through these events and be together. This means that the screenwriter uses the influence of the characters very well.

While it is desired to create excitement over the conflicts between the lovers in many TV series, Doruk and Asiye always emphasize the feeling of being together and this situation attracts the viewers to the screen.

Cases highlighted by the screenwriter for Doruk and Asiye; When it comes to their love, we can say that they don’t listen to anyone and they overcome everything together.

Fans of Kardeşlerim TV series attach great importance to such scenes. One of these steps was Doruk’s request to his mother to invite Asiye to dinner in the 69th episode trailer of the series.

The screenwriter’s emphasis on togetherness and the attitude of protecting their love above all else on Doruk and Asiye impresses the fans of the series.

One viewer commented: “It’s great that Doruk and Asiye are able to maintain their relationship regardless of what it is.”