Merve Dizdar chose such a series among many offers that everyone will be surprised by her role!
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2 December 2022 22:08


Merve Dizdar chose such a series among many offers that everyone will be surprised by her role!

Selahattin Paşalı’s new co-star in the TV series Ömer will be Merve Dizdar. Merve Dizdar, who has accomplished very successful works in the series of Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocent Apartments) with the character of Gülben, recently participated in the shooting of the digital series Magarsus.

Merve Dizdar, especially in the Masumlar Apartmanı project, was involved in psychologically deep stories and was appreciated for her success in reflecting different emotions on the screen. The actress, who appeared to be returning to the screen with the TV series named Ömer after such a series of intense emotions, is being questioned with this choice.

The TV series Ömer stands out as a production where religious sensitivities will come to the fore and will attract attention with its psychologically deep characters. The ömer series, which will be adapted from the Israeli series Shitsel, will also tell about the conflicts and different life choices in a family where religious sensitivities are exhibited.

We can say that her preference for a story with such religious sensitivities is the result of Merve Dizdar’s effort to try untested projects, which are composed of deep characters, give a different message to the society and with her story.

Rather than engaging in ordinary stories and ordinary projects, the actress also demonstrates her courage by turning to an area that is different and untested, perhaps daring to get backlash.

After the TV series Magarsus, which was shot in Adana, Merve Dizdar will soon appear on the set of Ömer series prepared for Star TV. The actress, whom we will watch as Emine, the older sister of Ömer’s character, played a very important role in the social message in the TV series directed by Cem Karcı.

Emine, who does not listen to her father and runs away to the man she loves, is someone who is trying to hold on to life with her five children, and after the character of Gülben, this new role will bring different experiences for Merve Dizdar.

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