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6 July 2022 09:11


The second season uncertainties of the Son Yaz series increase the excitement!

Son Yaz, one of the popular series of Fox TV screens, was able to get the second season approval because it achieved good ratings. In fact, there was a high probability that Fox TV would take the series off the air at the slightest drop, and the fans of the series knew this very well. However, the story progressed so well and the actors performed so well that neither the pace of the series nor the interest of the audience decreased.

There is great uncertainty for the second season of the Son Yaz series. After the Canan character says goodbye to the story with the first season finale, the most curious subject is what kind of mood Prosecutor Selim will return to the screen. Selim is already a vicious and angry character. The most curious but unknown subject of the second season is Canan, whose second spring they lived, can’t prevent her death in her own arms.

In addition, the character of Sare, who will join the story at the point of filling Canan’s place, will also play a key role. It was revealed that Birce Akalay had reached the signing stage. It was also a matter of curiosity whether Sare could bandage Selim’s wounds. Because in the new period, the audience expects Sare and Selim to get closer.

Sare is an intelligence specialist. Selim is the prosecutor. Events will bring them together and maybe a new love will be experienced. However, it is necessary to consider that screenwriters can make the opposite corner. So anything can happen.

Alperen Duymaz and Hafsanur Sancaktutan put forward very good acting in the first season. What the characters of Yağmur and Akgün, who appear as a good TV series couple, will experience in the new period is another issue that fans wonder. There are also some characters leaving the series. In order to fill the places of these characters, new names are expected to join the story.

For now, both the changes in the story and the details about the new characters are among the unknowns. However, there is a known fact that it would not be wrong to say that the second season will be very impressive by looking at the first season of the Son Yaz series.

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