Artists News The series of Masumlar Apartmanı drove the audience crazy!

The series of Masumlar Apartmanı drove the audience crazy!

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Masumlar Apartmanı is broadcast on Tuesday evenings and is followed by a large audience on TRT1 screen. In addition to being the nominee for the day’s winner, it was recorded as a great success to reveal a story that affected millions.

Criticism of the story of the series starring Ezgi Mola, Merve Dizdar, Birkan Sokullu, Aslıhan Gürbüz and Melisa Şenolsun has started to increase. Stating that the story progresses slowly, the fans of the series complain that they are constantly turning at the same point.

The viewers, who are disturbed by the slow progress in the lives of the characters, share their objections on social media. Fans of the series drew attention with their comments stating that the story has become boring.

A viewer sent a message to the writers that there was a problem, saying, “Boring anymore, zero progress and always the same vicious circle.”

In addition to the criticism that the characters Safiye and Naci are written sloppy, some viewers who use expressions such as “we went crazy, we went crazy” complain that they can’t see any progress in the story.

While there are criticisms that the character of Ceylan is getting boring, there are also criticisms that Safiye and Gülben narrow the audience.

In the series of Masumlar Apartmanı, you can see the demands on the social media platforms for the story to progress faster and to get out of the vicious circle by making changes in the lives of the characters.