Series News The series that started in the summer are ending one by one, but Ada Masalı is resisting!

The series that started in the summer are ending one by one, but Ada Masalı is resisting!

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We witness that the summer series that met with the audience during the summer period bid farewell to the screen one by one… Cam Tavanlar and Show TV series called Kahraman Babam were the first ones to say goodbye… Then the ATV series called Baş Belası completed its screen life… Kazara Aşk series also participated in these productions last.

Among the summer series, there are only two that can stand out. One of them is Kalp Yarası, which is broadcast on ATV on Monday evenings, and the other is Aşk Mantık İntikam, which is screened on Friday evenings. Other TV series have experienced great difficulties and some of them have completed their screen life by making finals.

Among the series that started in the summer, one of the productions that resisted on the screen was İkimizin Sırrı. However, the final decision was made in the 10th episode for the series. Then came the decision to end Kanal D’s Baht Oyunu as of the 17th episode.

With these overlapping final decisions, the fans of the series were also demoralized. Fans of Ada Masalı series, which is broadcast on Star TV, are also experiencing great uneasiness. The series starring Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan continues on its way. However, due to the low ratings, there is a concern that the series will be finalized at any moment…

Fans are making comments on social media that they want Star TV management to give the series more chances. Ada Masalı, which is admired for its story and acting performances, draws attention as one of the works that started in the summer period, which is resisting the final for now.

The 17th new episode of the series will be broadcast on Tuesday, October 12 at 20:00. The fate of the series, which Star TV is trying to keep on air, will become clear in the coming weeks.