The shocking truth in Camdaki Kız!
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26 September 2022 20:22


The shocking truth in Camdaki Kız!

One of the most ambitious TV series of Kanal D this season, Camdaki Kız manages to bounce the audience on the spot in every episode. In the 7th episode, which aired last night, such great facts were revealed that the audience was officially open.

In the series, where secrets about the past are revealed in every episode and the audience is shocked with every secret, the events developed as follows:

Feride, who catches her daughter Nalan kissing with Sedat, has a great anger. Feride’s past trauma is finally revealed, beating her daughter by shutting her in the bathroom and involving a strange mixture to clear her mind and insides.

Seeing the dream of her daughter Sema, who died before going to bed at night, Feride returns to the past and remembers the painful events she experienced. Feride is actually a very modern and loving mother in the past. One day, her very young daughter suddenly becomes ill and is taken to the hospital urgently. The doctors, who gave an emergency response to Sema at the hospital, took the girl into surgery. And before going into surgery, Feride and her husband find out that their daughter is pregnant.

The birth of Sema, who was pregnant, started early. In the urgent operation, the baby was born healthy, while Sema dies. Feride and her husband experience shock after shock.

The baby born is Nalan. So Nalan is actually not Feride’s daughter, but her grandchild. Who is Nalan’s father and whether she was born as a result of a rape is still a question mark. However, we will probably learn the answers to these in the coming days.

After this incident, Feride, whose world turned black and turned into a completely different person, has now turned into a ruthless woman who has sworn to protect the honor of her grandson Nalan and keep it away from all the dangers of the world.

You can watch the scene where all the facts are revealed in the video below.

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