Series News The shooting of the TV series Bir Derdim Var is going on with great excitement!

The shooting of the TV series Bir Derdim Var is going on with great excitement!


Behind-the-scenes images from the poster shooting of Bir Derdim Var (I Have a Problem) have been published. We would like to point out that the team of the series was very pleased with the journey they set out to present a strong story and there were many beautiful moments during the shooting.

The new series Bir Derdim Var, signed by AyNA Yapım, which will be broadcast on Kanal D and stars Birce Akalay and Mert Fırat, will start very soon.

A backstage video from the recent poster shooting of the series, which will keep the audience glued to the screen with its different story, has been released.

While the poster shots of the series, which is already highly anticipated with both its cast and its remarkable story, brought the team of the series together, it was also observed that the actors were excited.

The cast of the series includes; There are experienced names such as Engin Hepileri, Neslihan Arslan, Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, Erdem Şenocak, İdil Sivritepe, Sami Aksu, Sennur Nogaylar and Muhammet Uzuner.

These actors are also young names; Eylül Ersöz, Ata Artman, Ava Yaman, Esila Umut, Ataberk Mutlu, Ezgi Gör and Efe Poylu will also accompany.

While the harmony of the entire team in the poster shooting attracted attention, in the published backstage video, Birce Akalay and Mert Fırat give clues about the characters ‘Nilüfer’ and ‘Ömer’ they play. The series, for which Mor ve Ötesi is the music supervisor, draws attention with its music as well as its subject.

Bir Derdim Var starts soon on Kanal D!