Artists News Tayanç Ayaydın will be the new shooting point of the TV series Yabani!

Tayanç Ayaydın will be the new shooting point of the TV series Yabani!


The Yabani (Wild Heart) TV series, which achieved very good ratings on Tuesday evenings and attracted attention as the best project of this season, continues on its way with firm steps. Another very important actor joined the cast of the series, whose story becomes more exciting every week.

Tayanç Ayaydın, who is one of the names that the audience wishes to see on the screen with the very successful characters he has portrayed so far, will now take his place on Fox TV on Tuesday evenings with the TV series Wild.

The Yabani TV series, which impresses with both its story and its cast, has become an even stronger production with this transfer. So what kind of character will Tayanç Ayaydın play?

Tayanç Ayaydın will be the new shooting point of the TV series Yabani! 7

The actor, who has masterfully portrayed very different characters so far, will take his place in the team of the Yabani series with the character of Güven Aydın, starting from the 7th episode.

The successful actor comes to surprise the audience with the character of Güven Aydın, with whom Neslihan had a great love while she was in medical school, in Yabani.

Güven Aydın, a free spirit and independent character, had to leave Neslihan full of secrets. Years later, when he returns to Istanbul for Umut’s surgery, he will encounter again his first and true love, Neslihan, whom he has never forgotten, and this encounter will change the entire balance in the series.

The cast of the series, starring Halit Özgür Sarı, Simay Barlas, Yurdaer Okur, Dolunay Soysert, Bertan Asllani and Şebnem Hassanisoughi, includes the following names:

“Osman Alkaş, Ayşegül Ünsal, Sezer Arıçay, Birgül Ulusoy, Rojbin Erden, Seray Özkan, Selim Can Yalçın, Ramiz Mullamusa, Güray Görkem, Bartu Dilmen, Aleyna Al, Aşkın Şenol, Tayanç Ayaydın.”

Yabani’s director is M. Çağatay Tosun, while its script is written by Hilal Yıldız.

The Yabani series continues to meet the audience every Tuesday at 20.00 on FOX.