The shortcoming that deserves criticism in Camdaki Kız series!
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27 March 2023 20:36


The shortcoming that deserves criticism in Camdaki Kız series!

Camdaki Kız, which started to meet with the audience on Kanal D screens, again achieved good ratings. The first 9-episode first season of the series was very successful, and the second season has also started. Camdaki Kız series, whose 10th episode aired on September 9, again enchanted the fans.

Millions of TV fans went to the screen and Camdaki Kız finished the day with two first places. It would not be wrong to say that the series starring Burcu Biricik and Feyyaz Şerifoğlu is a very successful production.

One important shortcoming in the series, which both impresses with its story and impresses with its acting performances, does not escape attention. This shortcoming is related to the flow of the story. Camdaki Kız series, which has become a static production, needs action.

In the series, where the character of Hayri is eagerly awaited in the new season, perhaps this shortcoming can be eliminated thanks to the new character. Information came that an agreement was made with Cihangir Ceyhan for the character of Hayri. If there is no change, the famous actor will be included in the story after 3-4 episodes.

Sina Koloğlu, one of the writers of Milliyet, who made positive comments about the series, also made an assessment stating that he was uncomfortable with the flow of the story.

Sina Koloğlu made the following criticism in his article: “New season, new episode. We sat curiously. A viscous film, the series is beautiful, if it is embellished with acting and the shooting is meticulous. Such was the case with ‘Camdaki Kız’. But there is a special case; sequences are long. When that happens, the darkening begins.

Music turns from its pleasant mood to violin fatigue. It’s hard to get the corset out of Nalan’s life. When there were plenty of reminders in this long state, the household said, “Her mother thinks, the girl thinks while she is washing, she thinks about going to the sea, it never ends.” It takes some movement, some speed…”

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