The star of Kara Tahta, Furkan Andıç, gave the secret of happiness!
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6 December 2022 07:04


The star of Kara Tahta, Furkan Andıç, gave the secret of happiness!

Furkan Andıç, who returned to the screens with the Kara Tahta (Blackboard) series broadcast on TRT1, was on the cover of the June issue of Vogue Turkey magazine.

Furkan Andıç, who shared the lead role with Miray Daner in the Kara Tahta series, made striking statements to the magazine. The actor, who does not know himself as someone who is happy with people’s happiness, said, “Happiness is not what you chase after, but what stands next to you.”

Furkan Andıç said, “When you are not chasing happiness, you realize that you are standing next to it. Because even when you start thinking about ‘happiness’, you often worry, you lose yourself among other thoughts. Happiness is actually a way of thinking. It is necessary to live with it, not to run after it,” he said.

It was also on the agenda that Furkan Andıç, who played the character of “Atlas” in the TRT1 series Kara Tahta, had meniscus surgery due to the problem he had on the set the previous week and returned to the set before he fully recovered.

Despite this sacrifice of the actress and Miray Daner’s successful performance, the Kara Tahta series, which did not receive enough attention from the audience, will bid farewell to the screen with its 10th episode.

Kara Tahta, which is among the shortest productions among the TV series broadcast on the TRT1 screen to date, failed to make a good debut despite an opportunity for 10 episodes, and the final decision was inevitable. This decision also upset the fans of Furkan Andıç.

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