Artists News The story of Murat Han taking the lead role!

The story of Murat Han taking the lead role!


Famous director Abdullah Oğuz answered the questions of Bora Talat Oyacı in his youtube program called Scenario Talks. Does Abdullah Oğuz implement a system when making player preferences?

Abdullah Oğuz, who answered this question, cited his film Bliss (Mutluluk). Stating that he made many preliminary shots while searching for the characters of Mary and Cemal for this movie, Abdullah Oğuz explained to Murat Han how he gave the lead role in the movie Bliss.

Özgü Namal played the character of Meryem in the movie made in 2007. It was also surprising that the character of Cemal was given to Murat Han, who was not known much at that time.

Abdullah Oğuz explained how Murat Han took the role with the following words: “One child named Murat Han came one day. He even has an accent in Turkish. He studied in America for 7 years. He came, said” I am a suitor “. But he has no movie. He took the camera for 3 days, went to the East. He talked to the people for 3 days, talked, the accent worked and came to me. Something very important. He took that role from me. ”

Vine Mansion, Çember and Kanıt, directed by Abdullah Oğuz, has many films in the cinema sector.

The famous director; He is known for his films Bliss, He’s Now a Soldier, He’s Now a Prisoner, Everything About Mustafa and Remaining Me from You.