Artists News The truth of love from Demet Özdemir

The truth of love from Demet Özdemir


Famous actress Demet Özdemir is one of the most talked about actresses of the last period with her TV series. She, who draws attention with her social media posts, is followed with great interest and love not only in our country but also abroad.

The actress, who strikes a truth that we have forgotten about the subject of love, told how deeply our taboos affect our lives. The actress, who met with her party İbrahim Çelikkol in her live broadcast, thinks that the ideas that settle in our subconscious prevent us from finding the pure and natural state of love.

She shared her opinion that the love of Mehdi and Zeynep in the series reminds the viewers of true love, makes them question themselves, how important the past experiences and decisions are in our lives, Demet Özdemir…

These words of the actress actually describe the fact that an important truth has been put in the face for those who say “there are no old loves” recently.

At the point of true love, let us pay attention to the following words of Demet Özdemir: “There is such a thing that I feel the greatest, I think we forget the biggest talisman of the series; In fact, there are many decisions we make in our brains where we have grown, many of our taboos, our past, our subconscious. We unintentionally create a role model. We dream, we want to fall in love with someone, but we advance this on the basis of our childhood in our past. Maybe we think it is love. This was the interpretation of a lot of people. In fact, the situation of completing our emotional deficiencies is that of Zeynep and Mehdi… ”