We couldn't get used to the new image of Onur Tuna!
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28 March 2023 01:43


We couldn’t get used to the new image of Onur Tuna!

The famous actor Onur Tuna, who gave life to the character of Ferman in the Miracle Doctor series, which met with the audience on Fox TV screens, had a hard time getting used to his new image when he left his mustache and shortened his hair.

The actor shared his new status from his instagram account. The beard of the player, whose hair began to grow, made comments on his mustaches, stating that they were not used to followers. Many fans commented that the old version is better.

Some of his fans supported his new image by saying, “You are very good in every way.” Thousands of likes and comments were made to Onur Tuna, who shared with the note, “Of course it will pass.”

Some followers asked if he was depressed. After the cessation of work on the set of Miracle Doctor, Onur Tuna was taken to his home like his other friends.

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