The Tuzak series officially took down 5 TV series published on the same day on social media!
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5 February 2023 07:19


The Tuzak series officially took down 5 TV series published on the same day on social media!

The Tuzak (Trap) series managed to stay on the agenda for a long time as an ambitious production before it came to TV8 screens. As the actors began to appear, the curiosity increased. The claim grew with the emergence of Talat Bulut and Rıza Kocaoğlu names in the Tuzak series, which was first known as Akın Akınözü!

The most curious name was the actress who would be Akın Akınözü’s partner in the series. With Bensu Soral accepting the offer, the partnerships of the two actors began to be eagerly awaited. Tuzak became a series that the audience could not take their eyes off of, with its subject and acting performances.

The Tuzak series, a co-production of Fabrika Yapım and Acun Medya, puts on a tough fight on the screen with 5 TV series broadcast on Wednesday evenings. Tuzak, which still could not get the expected ratings, came to the screen with its 3rd episode this week, but its ratings were still not satisfactory!

The viewers of the series, which gradually delve into the depths of events and characters, are upset because of the ratings of Tuzak! The fact that the series did not attract attention brings concerns that it will be the finale.

However, a completely different picture emerges on social media! It is seen that the series has not been on the agenda since the first week it was broadcast, and it has achieved great success in social media tables with both Akın Akınözü and Tuzak names!

Akınözü enters the charts in the weekly ‘most popular male actor’ categories from the top row, while the Tuzak series is also climbing to the top of similar social media measurements!

The Tuzak series, which was met with great interest on social media this week, broke the rating record as the subject of 148 thousand 400 shares on social media on Wednesday, November 2!

However, this success is unfortunately not reflected on the screen! The biggest disappointment is experienced at this point for the audience! Although it has taken the wind of social media so much, the Tuzak series has a hard time getting into the top 10 charts in the ratings!

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