Artists News The unknown side of Onur Durmaz, who jumped the nerves with Engin in the Yargı, was revealed!

The unknown side of Onur Durmaz, who jumped the nerves with Engin in the Yargı, was revealed!


Born in 1991, Onur Durmaz became a name that attracted the attention of the audience with the TV series Yargı in which he starred! It came after Durmaz had a big leap in his career with the character he acted in the series. Onur Durmaz put the audience in the wrong corner with his role as the ‘killer’ in the series and became the most talked about name of the Yargı with his story that started after the 5th episode.

Onur Durmaz, who gave life to the character of Engin Tilmen, did not even draw attention as a good-natured new lawyer in the first episodes of the series. As a faint personality, it was the unspoken name of the series. However, when Engin was surprisingly revealed to be one of the key figures in the series, Onur Durmaz’s transformation into a name that the audience discovered all of a sudden.

Durmaz almost jumped a few steps in his career with the series Yargı! The 31-year-old actress acted the youth of Çelebi, brought to life by Fırat Tanış, in the most talked about Club TV series of the last period. Although he has acted in different productions before, it is obvious that the audience will not easily forget him after the Yargı!

For Engin’s transformation in prison, which we saw with his curly hair at the beginning of the series, the actor did not hesitate to sacrifice his curly long hair…

He left the Judiciary with Engin’s death in the series, but his influence still continues! Meanwhile, the audience can’t wait to see Onur Durmaz in a new production.

It was revealed after an interview that the young actor was also very interested in music. Durmaz, who is seen to have improved himself in music, continues his music studies with İlia Özkan. The actor, who was seen acting the guitar, also gave a pleasant surprise to the audience.

In the news broadcast on TV100, Durmaz tells that he turned to music under the influence of his father. Onur Durmaz, who is excited to work with the actor İlia Özkan, emphasizes that he has lived with music since his childhood.

It was a nice surprise for the audience to see Durmaz in a completely different state after his Engin character… Here is that interview…