Series News The viewers who were imprisoned in the EGO series were filled with great anxiety!

The viewers who were imprisoned in the EGO series were filled with great anxiety!


We observe that the series is slowly starting to create its own audience, with the story of EGO, which continues to be broadcast on Sunday evenings on Fox TV, with the story being appreciated in the series EGO.

The viewers, who are very pleased with the reunion of Melisa Aslı Pamuk and Alperen Duymaz in a TV series, appreciate the harmony of the duo. The duo, which has been desired to come together once again since the Çarpışma (Clash) series, is now in the lead role of a new series and many viewers’ dreams have come true.

Many fans of the series, who stated that they watched the EGO series without getting bored, were pleased with the way the story went, and that the lead duo radiated a very good energy, make commendable comments on social media. However, the same audience is also concerned about the fact that the series is broadcast on Fox TV.

The viewers, who know well that there is a possibility that Fox TV will cancel the EGO series if the ratings are not good, do not neglect to say, “I hope it gets the attention it deserves”.

Even though there was a slight decrease in the category of all people in the second episode of the series, the increase in interest in AB and ABC1 groups compared to the first episode was also promising.

Still, the ratings for the drama were below average in all categories.

Anxious comments about Fox TV are already prominent on social media. One viewer says, “I don’t plan on watching Fox TV if this is over.”

In fact, the meaning of this message is very deep. Because all the viewers well know that a channel that has been making series projects one after the other for 3 years and making most of them early finals will not hesitate to cancel the EGO series if it can’t get the desired ratings.

The negative effects of this situation have already begun to be reflected in the comments of the audience on social media.

You can watch the third new episode of the EGO series on Fox TV on Sunday, March 5th.