The Woman's series really created an event in Spain!
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26 November 2022 17:26


The Woman’s series really created an event in Spain!

“Woman”, FOX’s rating recorder series, produced by MEDYAPIM / MF YAPIM, met with Spanish audience last Tuesday evening. Woman’s series finale ended by the first week of February in Turkey, had shaken Ratings total of 3 seasons screen.

Woman series living in a sequence similar to that seen in Spain’s great interest in Turkey, was a big success. The first Turkish TV series broadcasted in prime-time within national channels in Western Europe was again Woman.

Being the most watched series on Tuesdays during the 3 seasons it was broadcast on FOX, the woman started broadcasting on Tuesday evening at Prime time on the Antena 3 channel of Atresmedia TV Group, one of the biggest media organizations in Spain.

The series, which was sold abroad in Spain with the first episode broadcast, undertaken by Calinos Entertainment, reached 12 million shares in prime time and reached over a million viewers and became the leader of Tuesday night.

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