There are strong reasons why the Ömer series is warm to the audience!
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2 April 2023 08:48


There are strong reasons why the Ömer series is warm to the audience!

The Ömer series, which has just started on Star TV, has now become the choice of many viewers on Monday evenings. The successful performances of Selahattin Paşalı and Gökçe Bahadır in the Ömer series, which is the domestic version of the TV series Shitsel, which gained great success in Israel, started to be talked about a lot.

Along with Merve Dizdar’s impressive acting and Barış Falay’s skillfully portrayed Reşat character, the actors of the Ömer series began to be talked about a lot on social media.

The fans of the series especially liked the naturalness of the Ömer series, unlike many other projects on the screen. The viewers make comments stating that they are very pleased because they watched a series in which wealth is not intrusive.

A number of fans think that the names that do not have actors trying to stand out with their aesthetics and botox on the screen, and that can play even with their eyes in a completely natural way, add a difference to the series.

Some of the audience’s comments are as follows: “Actresses who only want to look beautiful and have a bright face for those who can’t make facial expressions from aesthetics or botox, and who play with the same facial expressions in drama and comedy, should take lessons from Gökçe Bahadır and Merve Dizdar. That’s what acting is.”

“I think it’s a different series from today’s series. There are no luxury houses, the actors don’t have a ton of makeup, the clothes are not racy. The filmed locations are natural, the actors are natural, it’s like a drama with pure love for now. Hopefully it continues like this. The actor quality is already amazing. I hope the series will continue for longer episodes.”

The fact that the Ömer series received good ratings and impressed the audience from the very first episode is the highlighting of the element of reality.

The story of the series is a realistic story and it does not surprise the audience as it has many examples in the society. A young man falling in love with an older woman who has a child is a situation that happens in normal life as well.

Of course, although the social reactions are negative in such situations, it seems that the TV series Ömer will continue to attract the attention of the audience as it reveals a reality.

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