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22 May 2022 11:10


There are two annoying characters in Yargı! The audience started to get very angry with these characters!

Yargı series continues to storm the screens. Two very important characters in the series, which met with the audience on the Kanal D screen on Sunday evenings, started to anger the audience.

Yargı series, whose script was written by Sema Ergenekon, creates controversy with every episode. The audience of the series makes very interesting observations with the comments they make on social media. Audience comments have been focusing on two characters lately.

These two characters are Ceylin, played by Pınar Deniz, and commissioner Metin, played by Hüseyin Avni Danyal. In their comments, the viewers say that these two characters are starting to piss themselves off.

The most important reason why the audience is angry with Ceylin is that she meddles in everything. She expresses the reaction of the audience, who is now very angry, that Ceylin, who is actually a lawyer, goes beyond her borders and follows criminals like a policeman.

Ceylin followed them like a detective instead of leaving it to the police, both when Engin escaped from the hospital and when Niyazi’s crime was revealed. As a result of both, the people she followed died, and the event got even worse.

The reason why the audience is angry with Metin is that he behaves harshly even though he is guilty and makes things even more difficult. Pointing out that Metin is a person who covers up the murder of Ceylin’s father, he states that he cannot treat Ceylin badly. The audience expresses that they are very angry with Metin because he is both guilty and strong.

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