Series News There is a big event this week in Kardeşlerim series!

There is a big event this week in Kardeşlerim series!

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Very tense scenes await the audience this week in ATV’s TV series, Kardeşlerim, which locks the audience on the screen on Saturday evenings. The most colorful scene of the series will undoubtedly be the costume ball.

Kardeşlerim, who did not let go of the leadership in the ratings last season, but lost their throne to TRT 1 series Gönül Dağı this year, did not lose their excitement. Here’s what happened in the episode that aired last week:

While Doruk struggles to stand on his own feet despite all the pressure of Akif, Ömer is very angry with Şengül, who received the lottery money. While Nebahat’s offer to surprise Suzan has unexpected results, Kadir makes a move that surprises Melisa. Oğulcan, who wants to earn more money in order to make a gesture to Harika, is unaware of the real nature of the business he is involved in.

The 27th episode to be broadcast this week will be marked by the masquerade ball held at the school. A masquerade ball will be held at the school and the king and queen of the balloon will be chosen. However, the audience has a common opinion about the names that will be chosen as the king and queen at the ball: Asiye and Doruk.

Asiye and Doruk, played by Burcu Su Yazgı Coşkun and Onur Seyit Yaran, are the most popular couple in the series. However, Asiye, who is known for her extremely soft and naive character, sees the viewer’s great reaction to the acrimony that comes to the fore in the last episodes.

Another point that the audience reacted to in the series is the change in the story. The drama, which tells the drama-laden story of four siblings who lost their parents one after the other, turned into a love story of high school couples in the second season. Reacting to this situation, the audience states that they want to see drama in the series again.