Series News There is a bombshell news from Mehmet Günsür, which we watched in Atiye last time!

There is a bombshell news from Mehmet Günsür, which we watched in Atiye last time!

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We last watched Mehmet Günsür, one of the most charismatic actors in the TV series, in the Atiye TV series in Turkey. The handsome actor living in Italy continues his career there. Günsür, who is preparing to meet the Turkish audience with a new project, is preparing to return with a bomb-like project.

Mehmet Günsür, who started his acting career at the age of 14 with the TRT 1 series Geçmiş Bahar Mimozaları and made his career debut with the Ferzan Özpetek movie Hamam in 1997, continues to act in Turkey despite living in Italy for years.

The handsome actor has played a role in many productions in Turkey, such as the Beyaz Gelincik, Muhteşem Yüzyıl, Fi. We last watched Mehmet Günsür with Beren Saat in the series Atiye, which was broadcast on Netflix between 2019-2021.

Mehmet Günsür has been acting in serials and films in Italy since then. The handsome actor, who starred in the latest Italian series Lea-A New Day, is getting ready to meet Turkish fans again with his new project. With one of the most ambitious projects of the upcoming period.

Accordingly, Mehmet Günsür will take a role in the Atatürk series, which Lanista Media will shoot for Disney Plus. The shooting of the series, in which Aras Bulut İynemli will portray Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, will begin this summer. Mehmet Ada Öztekin will be the director of the series, which will be shot for two seasons from six episodes.

No statement was made about the role Mehmet Günsür will play in the series. The talented actress will come to Turkey soon for the shooting of the series. Thanks to this series, fans will have the opportunity to watch Mehmet Günsür again after a long time.