Series News There is a confession in the [Mrs.Fazilet And Her Daughters]

There is a confession in the [Mrs.Fazilet And Her Daughters]


This tv series is broadcasting in various countries and also Turkey.

[Deniz Baysal, Caglar Ertuğrul, Nazan Kesal, Mahir Günşiray and Afra Saraçoğlu] play the main roles in the tv series.

Section 39 episode trailer has been released.

Yagiz and Hazan had little to meet.

The audiences were almost shocked by the confession from Hazan.

Hazan confessed her love.

Confession took place during the talk of Ece and Hazan.

Hazan said, “I fell in love with your brother, who I held your hand.”

It was a big step for Hazan to confess this to Ece.

The viewers think that the love of Hazan character and Yağız character has begun.

Audiences comments are as follows:

“Finally a confession came!”
“I did not think Hazan would say it!”
“Hazan finally admitted that she liked Yağız”,
“You have to open each other as soon as possible!”,

The new section of the directory is awaited.