Series News There is a famous name that keeps the series of Kardeşlerim alive!

There is a famous name that keeps the series of Kardeşlerim alive!


Master recital by Celil Nalçakan! It’s not easy to be Akif in Kardeşlerim (My Brothers) series! Akif Atakul is one of the most striking characters of the TV series, Kardeşlerim, which is broadcast on ATV on Saturday evenings. It is not known how possible it is to be someone like Akif in real life, but Celil Nalçakan has added a great image to this fictional character.

It is not easy to be like Akif, who knows no bounds in evil but also knows how to get out of every situation, stays by his side and knows how to turn every situation into an opportunity… Celil Nalçakan deserves a great applause for his realistic portrayal of the fictional character. Kardeşlerim TV series owes a lot to this character, who, like Akif, has a smile on his face and can do anything for his own benefit, but who also affects his surroundings by displaying cuteness.

One of the Milliyet bloggers, Anibal Güleroğlu, wrote an article stating how important the character of Akif Atakul is in the story of the series. According to Anibal Güleroğlu, who commented, “Akif does not hesitate to express his automatic lying and makes people say, ‘It is not easy to be Akif,'” Celil Nalçakan gives a masterful performance.

There is a famous name that keeps the series of Kardeşlerim alive! 7

It is really not easy to be an Akif Atakul who plays around with his finger, manages to silence people in some way, finds practical solutions to every problem and always guarantees himself.

Anibal Güleroğlu made the following comment about Akif Atakul, who had a great share in the success of the TV series Kardeşlerim:

Akif, who arouses sympathy with his sweet language and demeanor, laughs with his exaggerated flattery, and angers him with the lovable evils he engages in for the sake of his own interests, is in the position of a character identical to reality rather than fiction, with Celil Nalçakan’s masterful performance. In this way, it is already ensured that Kardeşlerim, who constantly encounter trouble and create weariness by running from drama to drama, survive.”