Series News There is a great love in Black White Love series

There is a great love in Black White Love series


Kanal D in Turkey are running a series of mainly love and drama.

Ordinary; Black White Love …

The series is especially popular in social media.

Aslı and Ferhat’s great love story …

Aslı successful doctor is going to save someone’s life and her life is changing.

Aslı, who met Ferhat Aslan there and had to marry this man and fell in love with Ferhat afterwards.

The acclaimed character, Birce Akalay, played by a successful player, is highly appreciated …

The harmonious character of the handsome actor Ibrahim Celikkol gives life to everyone.

The two look at each other, the embracing is happening in every episode.

Everyone is very curious how this hard love will continue.

Finally, how the Aslı, who has begun to question her life by the death of her brother, will reflect these attitudes towards his marriage …

Video: A series of love scenes: