There is a very strong power behind the Al Sancak series starring Uğur Güneş!
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3 February 2023 15:53


There is a very strong power behind the Al Sancak series starring Uğur Güneş!

The audience’s support for the Al Sancak series, the first episode of which was broadcast on TRT1 on Thursday evening, 19 January was great. The magnificent images that emerged with the great support of the Turkish Armed Forces stand out as a remarkable series in terms of representing the operational power of the Turkish military.

The National Intelligence Organization’s great support for the TV series called Teşkilat (Organization), which is the story of an agent, and the contribution of state institutions to TRT series is seen as a new opening in the sector. It turned out that support was received from some units of the Turkish Armed Forces for the TV series Al Sancak, just like the “Teşkilat” series, which in a sense also carries propaganda purposes.

The successful performance of Uğur Güneş, who won the love of millions with the character of Yılmaz in the TV series Bir Zamanlar Çukurova (Once Upon a Time in Çukurova), in the TV series Kanunsuz Topraklar (Lawless Lands), stands in mind.

Until now, his fans had watched Uğur Güneş in an action role in the TV series named İsimsizler (Untitled). This time, the Al Sancak project seems to be a production that goes to the very end of the action on behalf of the actor.

Uğur Güneş, while producing a very effective production like Al Sancak, also revealed that he received support from the Turkish Armed Forces with the following words:

“During the filming of Al Sancak, we used real inventories. The Turkish Armed Forces supported us a lot. I think this is the first time such an action-packed and powerfully produced work has been filmed. We had a training period of about a month. The whole team got real military training. It was a difficult training, we had the opportunity to get to know each other during the trainings.”

The famous actor, who made a comeback to the sets with the character named Ali Banazlı, will make his millions of fans experience different emotions with a character that processes his love of homeland to the marrow.

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