Series News In the Üç Kız Kardeş series, the cries of “you did it yourself, you found it yourself” spread around!

In the Üç Kız Kardeş series, the cries of “you did it yourself, you found it yourself” spread around!


As the story progresses in the Üç Kız Kardeş (Three Sisters) series, the interest of the series fans continues. Those who are eagerly waiting for each new episode of the series, which aired on Kanal D on Tuesday evenings, are also very curious about where the screenwriter will take the story. Gone are the scenes where Türkan and Somer are full of romance and now they have solved everything.

The viewers found the attitude of Türkan and Somer characters to all these events problematic. Serious criticisms emerged, especially towards the character of Türkan. Those who could not make sense of the decisions and actions taken by Türkan, successfully portrayed by Özgü Kaya, had been in a rebellion for a while.

The traces of the relationship between Türkan and Somer going to a completely different point will be revealed in the 36th episode. Somer’s words to his wife tells how the story will progress from now on: “You did this to take revenge on my mother. Do you know what I am most upset about, Türkan, you are starting to look like my mother.”

The fans of the Üç Kız Kardeş series, who criticize the nonsense of the Türkan character and state that he caused this point, are happy that the story is starting to move again. In particular, the audience, who eagerly awaited the scenes where Türkan was punished for his actions, said, “Türkan herself wanted the situation to be like this. Now she shouldn’t stop crying,” she comments.

Expressing that Türkan wants everything to go as she wishes, but life is not like that, the audience says that they do not feel sorry for her situation by saying, “That’s why she shouldn’t cry, she found it herself.”

Türkan, who started to suffer the punishment for her own actions in the Üç Kız Kardeş series, began to be alone.

While trying not to break her stance against Rüçhan, Türkan does not realize that she has taken Somer in front of her.

Somer, who is aware of the relationship between Sevilay and his father, is very angry. And when he hears that Türkan is doing business with Sevilay, he is almost infuriated.

Somer, who says very harsh words against Türkan, gets angry when he sees Mine with another man. After Somer’s words, Türkan, who was seriously injured, is left alone.