Series News Maviye Sürgün, starring Damla Sönmez, is starting a new process in the history of Turkish TV series!

Maviye Sürgün, starring Damla Sönmez, is starting a new process in the history of Turkish TV series!


Famous actress Damla Sönmez has been in Marmaris for a while for the new series Maviye Sürgün (Blue Exile). The famous actress carries the peace of staying for a long time in the holiday resort where she went because of the shootings.

The actress said, “It was like I moved to Marmaris this year. I come to Istanbul to get my work done and then I come back. We are shooting a TV series called Maviye Sürgün. With Caner Cindoruk and Serkan Altunorak. “The shooting is going very well,” she said.

The Maviye Sürgün series was planned especially for viewers in Latin American countries who love Turkish TV series. Damla Sönmez announced that the Maviye Sürgün series, which is expected to be broadcast in countries in South America, will later be shown in Turkey. This situation has revealed that a new process has been experienced in the history of Turkish TV series.

The famous actress said, “The release date is currently unknown. It will first be published in Latin American countries, and then it will come to Turkey.”

Mentioning that the shooting went very well, the famous actress also talked about the story of the series. You will watch the story of a soldier in the underwater assault team, who had to take a break from his profession, and a girl who commits small frauds.

Damla Sönmez said, “We have a very nice staff. There are countless names like Gürberk Polat, Bülent Şakrak, Ruhi Sarı, Ayça Erturan, Gökçen Ateş, Sinan Sicimoğlu, Berkan Bulut. It is very enjoyable,” she said.

Stating that the shootings in Selimiye town of Marmaris were good for her and that she was satisfied with the calmness of the region, the actress said that when she came to Istanbul, she wanted to go back there again.

The actress announced that she intends to go to the holiday areas in the future, but that she will return to Istanbul after the series to continue her profession.

Explaining that the shooting of the Maviye Sürgün series was intense and that she had an irregular life, Damla Sönmez also stated that this project was very good for her.