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6 July 2022 06:11


There is no ATV series, there is a new project for Büşra Develi!

No one knows the fate of the TV series Akıncı, which was broadcast on the ATV screen last season. It was informed that the project, in which Şükrü Özyıldız and Büşra Develi took the leading roles, would continue on its way with the second season.

Akıncı made the season finale with its 20th episode. However, there is no information about the second season. Şükrü Özyıldız announced that they were working on changing the story of the series in the summer and they would continue. However, the actress also left the door open, stating that he did not have clear information.

There is no news about the Akıncı TV series, in which Büşra Develi plays the female lead. However, a new series of the beautiful actress appeared. An agreement was reached with Büşra Develi as the female lead of the TV series Erkek Severse, in which Alperen Duymaz will take part in the romantic comedy story.

According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the famous actress accepted the offer. Aslı Zengin continues to write the script of the series prepared for Bein Connect. One of the most important screenwriters of romantic comedy series, Aslı Zengin said that writing a 45-minute story forced her and she had difficulty adapting because she was used to long series.

Büşra Develi will give life to a female character named Zeynep, who is divorced from her husband and is fighting for survival with her two children, in the TV series Erkek Severse, which will be broadcast on the Bein Connect platform in the new season.

Alparen Duymaz will play the character of Kenan, the owner of the online shopping site.

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